About William Patrick Builders


Our mission is to turn your project vision into a reality with ease and grace.

Through willing collaboration, detailed project management, precise scheduling, open communication and impeccable craftsmanship, we make the building process a positive and predictable experience.


William Patrick Lopes (Will) is a craftsman, general contractor and interior designer who has been helping Bay Area homeowners improve their properties for over 20 years.

He is also an actor and musician with an artist's appreciation of design. 

Will combines his cultivated understanding of structure and esthetics with his managerial expertise to execute clients' visions and dreams in the most efficient way possible.

His biggest joy is satisfied clients.

Collaborative Spirit

We work with you and  your professional team to help you achieve your project's vision. Most building projects involve conscious collaboration with architects, designers and homeowners.

This collaborative spirit of our approach creates successful partnerships to produce projects of lasting form and exceptional beauty.


Founded in 1995, William Patrick Builders has offered a full range of design and building services for new homes, renovations and commercial projects in Northern California.